Masglo And The National Training Service Will Certify 2400 Manicurist

The National Training Service (SENA) and Masglo will join efforts to certify work competencies for manicurists without previous formal training. Thanks to this alliance 2.400 workers nationwide will receive formal certification 100% free of charge. This certification will open new opportunities for manicurists.

Colombian nail polish brand, Masglo, shared the news about the alliance with SENA. The main purpose of the alliance is to certify professionals who have worked for years inside the beauty and nail care sector without formal training yet accumulating vast experience.

Masglo and SENA are giving empiric manicurist the opportunity to certify their knowledge and experience. This initiative makes part of Masglo’s commitment with Colombian manicurists who are willing to pursue economic independence and become entrepreneurs. This could also boost the quality of their work via training opportunities.

The alliance will follow the next stages:

  1. Announcement
  2. Sensitization
  3. Document collection
  4. Advisory
  5. Assessment of knowledge, work and end product
  6. Validation
  7. Certification

“Aiming to reach a wider audience, we launched the announcement through Masglo’s social network accounts and by doing so we want every manicurist in the country signing up. We will eventually inform on the following steps”, said Andrea Espitia, Masglo’s Sales Manager.

Masglo wants to benefit more than 2.400 manicurists during the second semester of 2019 with the certification process. “Even those manicurists who work from home or by appointment can join the process” added Andrea.

This opportunity will be open nationally and based in larger cities such as: Cali, Medellin, Barranquilla, Bucaramanga, Pereira and Ibague among others.

If you are interested, please submit the following documentation:

  • Please complete the registration process on the DSNFT platform. You can access the platform on this link: (
  • Submit a copy of your ID
  • Submit a work certificate from, at least, the previous 6 months including the performed activities which will be assessed.
  • In case you can provide a work certificate please complete de attached work record form including two references who can validate the experience.

Candidates will be sensitized about the process and the assessment.

In order to guarantee a successful process candidates must submit the required documents on

Dress Up Your Nails In Halloween

Ph: Abel Cárdenas
Technics such as stamping or vegan nail polish are the novelty to attract everybody’s looks during Halloween festivities. Nail art has become a trend which allows innovations in nail design.


23 de octubre 2019.

Costumes are constituents of Halloween night celebrations. However, nail design has also become an important factor which should be according to the selected costume. We bring now some technics such as stamping, vegan nail polish and other gel-based designs for long-lasting effects and become the center of attraction at every party during this season.

Heidi, La Cosedora (Sewing woman), is a Colombian plastic artist behind nail care products brand H La Cosedora. The brand’s products include nail tattoos, stencils, stickers, nail polishes and stamping plates. Stamping is an adapted engraving technic which uses plates with tiny designs transferred to the nail using nail polishes, according to its creator. The following are the steps recommended by H La Cosedora for a successful use of the technic:

  1. New color combinations including fuchsia and orange are perfectly allowed during Halloween.
Combinaciones de uñas

These colors are the primary coat over which you can create a Halloween related design

Photo courtesy of H La Cosedora.

2.To decorate nails, choose your favorite design from the stamping plate. Apply nail polish and remove any excess using a scraper.

Combinaciones de uñas

Stamping plates will make your work easier and will also give you a varied range of design options.

Photo courtesy of H La Cosedora

3. Softly yet rapidly collect the figure with the stamper doing a bell-like movement.

Combinaciones de uñas

Stamping plates gives you the chance to create diverse designs.

Photo courtesy of H La Cosedora.

4. Do not wait until nails are completely dry. Press and remove the stamper to the side.

Diseño de uñas

Do not forget you need to use the stamper to apply your favorite design on your nails.

Photo istock

5. You can choose several shapes and textures. Repeat the previous steps for each selected figure. Use black and white to increase contrast and apply matt cover to finalize.

Combinaciones de uñas

Not only shapes or figures can be combined. You can also mix different colors and kinds of nail polishes.

Photo istock

Vegan nails

You can try now the new vegan hypoallergenic line of nail polishes developed by Natura UNA. None of the primary products have any trace of animal components neither have these products been tested on animals.

(designs by Kelly Villalba)

  1. Use colors black, red and white for one hand, and gray for the other. To begin with your design, always choose one or two base colors.
    paso a paso mano
    Photo: Mauricio Leon

    1. Combine free hand drawing, stampers and design plates. Use free hand paintings on thumb, ring and little fingers nails. You can use a nail cleaner or brushes to fill the forms. Dry out and give your nails a final bright coat.
      Diseño de uñas

    Be creative, mix different designs from the stamping plates and free hand drawings.

    Photo: Mauricio Leon

    1. Paint with base color the index and middle fingernails. Then put two white nail polish coats.
      Diseño de uñas

    Before starting any design always apply transparent nail polish base.

Photo: Mauricio Leon

  1. Use red color nail polish to paint the in the stamping plate figure that resembles flames. Remove the nail polish excess with a palette knife.

Diseño de uñas

Select the main color for your design and apply it.

Photo: Mauricio Leon

Using a rubber piece, which will work as a stamper, press softly to transfer the flames figure to the nail. Finish with a dryer nail polish. Follow the same steps for the index fingernail using a skull shape.

Diseño de uñas

For the Halloween season you can choose skulls, vampire teeth and other related figures to use on your nails.

Photo: Mauricio Leon

  1. For the other hand, use freehand drawings. On the pinky fingernail use a mommy using gray nail polish on top of a white undercoat. Make black strokes using a brush. For the eyes use two black dots. Finish with a dryer nail polish.

Diseño de uñas

For free hand drawings use different size brushes, these will be useful for different details.

Photo: Mauricio Leon

  1. Middle and ring fingernails have two Catrinas using a white color nail polish undercoat. Eyes, mouth and nose are made with a tiny brush and the hearth with a nail cleaner. The remaining fingernails can be completed with white and black stripes. Finish with a dryer nail polish.
    Diseño de uñas

When the design is finished make sure you use a final transparent nail polish. This will protect your nail art for some time.

Photo: Mauricio Leon

Fantasy nails

These Masglo’s Diana Herrera’s designs are free hand drawings using gel nail polish from the Salon Collection. These nail polishes dry faster and the cover remains flawless on your nails for at least one week.
Diseño de uñas

For these designs you must have three (3) base colors: white, pink and black.

Photo: Abel Cárdenas

  1. Apply a nutrient primary coat. Then, use two coats of black, white or fuchsia nail polish.
  2. On the white coat fingernails paint black waves with a thin brush and before they dry use a small sponge to make some pressure aiming to smudge the lines.
  3. On the ring fingernail draw a skull using skin tone nail polish. Decorate the skull with a flower. Use a nail cleaner and black nail polish for the eyes and nose. Finish with a dryer nail polish.
    Diseño de uñas

You can also add other figures such as vampire teeth, haunted castles or ghosts.

Photo: Abel Cárdenas

  1. Before you paint the spider web and the spider, put two white coats. Outline the figure with a thin brush and use a sponge to smudge the edges. Paint the figures and cover with transparent matte tone nail polish.
  2. On the fuchsia fingernails you can paint black bars resembling cemetery gates.


Know A Few Risk Of Using And Buying Altered Nail Polish

Keep in mind!

Masglo has detected altered products coming from Peru, Panama and Central America.

BOGOTA, DC, COLOMBIA, November 19, 2019 /

Counterfeit nail care products use ingredients which differ from those used in the original industry. These differences can be expressed on the final quality of the product and also potential health risks posed by harmful chemical products. Its for that reason that Colombian nail polish company, Masglo, wants to inform about relevant potential consumer risk posed by altered nail polishes.

  1. Exposure to counterfeit nail care products. Counterfeiters use primary products not listed by recognized organizations such as FDA and COLIPA as approved ingredients. Nail polishes and other nail care products of this kind use industrial ingredients which are not made to be in direct contact with our bodies. One of the main risks posed by altered nail polish is unhealthy exposure to heavy metals. Higher contents of arsenic, mercury, lead, cadmium and chromium, among others have been identified in counterfeit nail polishes. Presence above healthy levels of these metals can affect directly vital organs such as kidneys and the central nervous system. Prolonged exposure can cause even death. Banned ingredients are toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resins, camphor and dibutylphthalate.
  2. Low quality end products. Counterfeit nail care products are not made to last. These products do not comply with industry and consumers quality standards. Their functionality is defective, which is expressed in weak film forming on nails, leveling issues, low brightness, deficient dry out, bubbly or scratched textures and irregular surfaces upon application. This goes completely against consumers expectations and the reputation of original brands.
  3. Affected industry. Piracy permeates every industry and the cosmetics is not free from it. Buying nail polishes from the illegal market negatively affects legal sector sales, cutting formal jobs and therefore boosting unemployment. This fosters unfair competition and may increase delinquency.

In addition to the above-mentioned issues, Masglo has detected negative perceptions on the brand’s image in Peru, Panama and Central America, due to stronger counterfeit practices and less prosecution over piracy, licensing and use of toxic ingredients by government agencies. In most of the identified cases, ingredients were replaced by non-regulated substances, quite often harmful for human’s health, affecting both consumers health and the company’s good name.

Therefore, consumers most bear in mind the following recommendations:

If you find a Masglo nail care product under the suggested price, you must validate as follows:

Masglo’s logo must be clearly printed on the label and in the bottom of the product container. The product container must be in optimal conditions- Masglo’s label must be centered, it should not be altered in any way and once the product is in the hands of the consumer the printed information must be easily readable. Nail polish container lid should not be altered, its logo should be visible and should not show any former presence of a different color from the one described in the label. The new design of Masglo’s logo shows a flattened black brush. Internationally commercialized products must contain 5F logo and additionally an attached booklet with information about the components. Bar codes (EAN13) are different for each tone and the first three numbers are 770. Information on the year and month of fabrication must be easy to read. Every nail polish container has the same shape and size. Finally, the viscosity of the product must be appropriate.

What Nail Polish Should I Use For Christmas Holidays?

Talking about traditions, December comes with a varied range of practices to bring love, prosperity, travels or health. Using certain colors for New Year’s Eve may bring positive changes for the coming year regarding family, love or work.

That’s why Colombian nail polish company Masglo, is releasing the new collection Mystic. This collection is inspired by women’s mysticism; the closing of a cycle to give birth to a new history. Is the mysticism which comprehend an entire culture around the magic and the supernatural.

This collection is made by 5 different nail polish tones; all of them metallic glitter: Fabulous, is a sparkling purple; Superstitious, is a metallic blue; Festive, is a diamond green; Suggestive, a passion red and Disturbing, an elegant gold.

  • Fabulous: this tone represents the transformation at its highest spiritual and mental level. Is the color that provides peace, tranquility and fights back fears. It inspires sensibility and spirituality.
  • Superstitious: the color blue represents understanding, protection and control over the situation. It is a color that inspires self-confidence, credibility and generosity; it is the perfect complement for a superstitious, mystic and relaxed woman.
  • Festive: the diamond green represents growth, nature, money, fertility and security. It is a relaxing color which inspires confidence and tranquility.
  • Suggestive: the red color is associated with the power of love, the emotional and spiritual strength which may bring two people together. It is the color of stability, happiness and closeness.

Disturbing: the gold color is related with prosperity and success in different aspects of life, as well as luxury and happiness. This color transmits power, autonomy, independence and elegance.

Five Myths About The Use Of Nail Polish

Many things are said about nail polishes; however, some are false or partially true. Are nail polishes made of harmful chemical products? Can nail polishes be 100% made of natural products? How about nail polish for children? In order to clarify possible misunderstands these are some of the myths used to mislead consumers.

It was not until the early twentieth century, after accruals and evolution, that nail polish was invented as we know it today. In the 1920s, French make-up expert Michelle Ménard adopted car paintings for cosmetic uses and in 1932 big US companies redesigned the formula for commercial purposes. Amidst Hollywood furor and top models’ fashion, nail polishes became popular as part of the feminine aesthetic. Some years later, in the 21st century, this fashion has also gained acceptance among male users.

We should not find it estrange that behind a long-established and fascinating story, many myths still persist, and new ones could have been be created around nail polish. Moreover, bear in mind this history involves, only in Colombia, large amounts of money counted by thousands of millions.

Therefore, it is worth wondering what could be false and what could be true when we talk about nail polishes.

  1. Are all chemical products harmful for you? False! There are worldwide organizations who have the responsibility to find out and regulate the use (and prohibition) of chemical ingredients within the cosmetic industry. By doing so, they aim to protect users’ health while creating high quality final products. Some of the best-known organizations of this kind are the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the US and the European Cosmetic and Perfumery Association, COLIPA. Thanks to their intervention, the use of products such as: toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resins, camphor and dibutylphthalate amongst others, have been forbidden due to their toxicity and the risk of causing cancer.
  2. Is it possible to have organic natural chemical-free nail polishes? False. So far, the answer is a resounding no. However natural products take part in the process of making nail polishes, with the current technology, it is still not possible to produce nail polishes without the intervention of chemical supplies. Some attributes such as: duration, brightness, colour, require the use of film forming agents, solvents and liquid pigments amongst other chemical products.
  3. How about nail polishes for children or people with special medical conditions? It is still possible to find water based and toxic-free options for children and people who, due to health restrictions, cannot be in contact with these products. However, it is relevant to highlight that any element, whether natural or synthetic, can be harmless (or not) depending on the amount used. The above-mentioned organizations have made a careful work on assessing the levels after which both natural and synthetized ingredients could be harmful for human health.
  4. Are chemical-free better-quality nail polishes? partially true. When different brands declare in the components of their products that certain chemical elements are not part of the ingredients (X-FREE), this may not necessarily improve the quality of the nail polish in terms of duration, brightness and dry out. When a company says in their products labels, they are free of toxic components, this means they used to be part of the frequent ingredients but were substituted to reduce health risks.

If there is any doubt, the best way is to review the ingredients, benefits and risks based on informed criteria. True! We have now better access to information (internet, friends, influencers, etc.). However, this information should be verified. Consumers have the right to know what the ingredients of their favorite brand and the benefits are. Even though there are not 100% natural products, users are entitled to decide, according to the information they can gather and their own criteria, the type of product they want to acquire. False promises or vague information on the product should be questioned. Confidence is only gained if one has access to a full description on the components and the benefits are verified. Information is power!