The well-known and expert nail polish and nail care company, Masglo, will launch its first and exclusive Masglo Beauty Centre in Colombia. This will be an experience based centre for people interested in personal beauty care, displaying newest trends and most recent innovations on color, fashion and beauty.

Masglo Beauty Centre is inspired in versatility, innovation and memorable experiences. You will find the Beauty centre at Avenida 19 Calle 106, in Bogota. We look forward to have two more centres in the near future; one in Cali and other in Barranquilla. At the Beauty Centre visitors will find high technology products, virtual-reality interaction, personalized attention, color and spa innovations among other attractions.

“At the Beauty Centre visitors will have firsthand access to exclusive Masglo and Admiss collections; you will be able to interact with 10 of our experts in hands and foot care; you will enjoy our manicure and pedicure spa; you will discover new experiences and know new technologies in the beauty sector. In addition, thanks to our augmented reality technology, you will understand the type of nails you have and which nail art works better for you according to your skin tone” said Andrea Espitia, Masglo’s Marketing Manager.

Through this new facility Masglo expects to bring the company’s followers closer to the brand through vivid experiences and added value in terms of services, products, experiences and interaction with the brand.

In the near future Masglo will open more Beaty Centres, experience centers, staring in Cali and Barranquilla, where the brand expects to get closer to its followers and bring to them a whole new integral and personalized experience, fulfilling their need and expectations.

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