“Technology has, at a rapid pace, become essential in young peoples, woman and men’s everyday life, even to perform simple daily tasks”, Masglo’s experts say. Can technology and fashion live together? The answer is yes. Masglo’s new Spring-Summer 2019 collection is inspired in tones made for tranquil and peaceful personas who want to transmit closeness and self-confidence through their look. Earth tones are back representing self-confidence, familiarity and trust, strongly related with our expectations from technology. Rose tones contrasted by cold grey and white create a unique association. Meanwhile, tranquil blue with a pinch of black, just when the computer screen fades away, brings the beginning of the new Spring-Summer 2019 season. A world open and ready to attend needs and embrace trends placing in nail colors the rhythm of each season, in this case, Spring-Summer. You can now enjoy an international fashion that has arrived to Colombia from the hands of top of the line and more than a century’s history around nail polish brand, Masglo. During this Spring season you will be able to enjoy Escape Collection. In this palette Masglo has put together novel and varied nail polish tones to choose from.
  • Idealist: this is a nude tone good for every occasion. It can be worn to go to work, to go to a dinner or any formal event. It is sophisticated and elegant which gives the final touch for an impeccable look.
  • Technologic: this is a lilac color which gives a sense of positivity, calm and becomes the main ingredient for a fresh, close and trustful look.
  • Comic: a mild rose color, it brings serenity and warmth on every outfit, this color turns your nails the center of attraction.
  • Intriguing: an earthy natural tone and neutral which may be combined with simple yet sophisticated nail arts including glitter or blue colors
  • Benevolent bright: a grey cold tone with some glitter in it, perfect to be put over any other color, it can highlight manicure or just to be worn on it own over the nail.
As basic reminder, keen in mind that nails should be healthy for every color to stand out. As a professional in nail polishing, remember to put a base coat before the chosen color and finish with a dryer nail polish for maximum durability and perfect final product.

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