The multinational Cerescos brand reported significant growth in the national and international markets and is established as the cosmetic company with the highest growth in the solutions and the portfolio it manages.

In the midst of the contraction of the economy and the uncertainty generated by some markets due to multiple situations, there are products that will always be in the family basket as something essential and that cannot be needed. In this case the enamels and cosmetics for hands and feet are part of those goods considered today of very high need because for more economic problems that there is the beautification is an item of consumption of utmost importance when there is a vanity willing to pay so much in men as in women.

One issue that must be taken into account is that enamels, moisturizers and all the reliquary of beauty products, are not synthesized in vanity but in personal presentation and hygiene because many do not support careless hands, lacking hygiene and nothing presentable, in these times a man without proper care in his hands can be left out of a job or any other opportunity. The issue is of such forcefulness that according to studies done by the former Institute for Export and Fashion, Inexmoda, today with the same name, but with compounds, Meet, Connect and Transform, the cost of cosmetics in Colombia can exceed 1.2 billion annual pesos. In this study done in unison with the National Federation of Merchants, FENALCO, women spend an average of 300.

A Colombian brand today has managed to gain ground in the national and international market and with its innovative feature it captivated so much that the borders were opened to bring the best nail polish and the most optimal cosmetic for hands and feet, today in several countries of the world . Masglo, the tremendous jewel in the crown of the Cerescos Business Group, continues to expand enamels throughout the world and the response has proved more than excellent because in matters of preference, quality does not argue with anything.

The General Manager of Masglo Cerescos, Nelson Cabrera Ríos, spoke with, and said that although 2018 had a complex first semester, the closure was unbeatable given that the report exceeded eight percent in the national context while at an international level, this progression figure reached 30 percent. The sales trend, he said, shows that more and more countries and more world are using Masglo and all thanks to an ambitious and frank expansion of the brand in 24 countries where the product of the Colombian house is used formally.

Among the goals of 2019 is to reach 30 countries primarily, without counting on all the expansion process that will be done in Europe and that will take the brand to Cosmoprof 2019, the largest beauty fair in the world that will take place in Bologna, Italy at the middle of March. In this scenario, the Masglo brand will be presented in English and French, obviously in a much more globalized context.

Another goal of Masglo is to start in the Brazilian market so that between March and April, the products of the famous Colombian cosmetic house will be entering the huge South American market with all its presentations in Portuguese. In 2018, the brand opened six new markets in which Puerto Rico was and the idea is to open six more in 2019, so Masglo's plans are also to reach South Africa, Mexico, which would resume, United States, with much more impulse, Canada, Dominican Republic and Italy in Europe that would add to Spain already existing and in full force.

Masglo's product is produced entirely in Colombia and therefore, from Bogotá plants, it comes out of all textures, qualities and colors for the world. The company advances economic cooperation processes with companies in the United States and Europe in different development plans and products oriented to permanent and semi-permanent cosmetic fabrications, but making it clear that the Masglo product is primarily, originated and manufactured in Colombia.

Regarding the possibility of recovering the Venezuelan market, Cabrera Ríos said that if democracy returns to the neighboring country and that attractive market can be opened, the prospects would improve for the two countries of the bicentennial brotherhood, and with a huge spectrum of Masglo sales since the expenses in personal care in Venezuela are considerable since in terms of volume the ratio on this front was three to one before the crisis and when the population was half. He stressed that with a third change there will come a great opportunity to recover the Venezuelan market, taking into account that the Venezuelan woman likes the Colombian cosmetic product as well as all the business dynamics and communication techniques to show the benefits of the brand .

Currently explained, Masglo continues to be present in Venezuela for the work of some distributors or for the management of some people who buy the product in Colombia and take it to the brother country. The market could recover on a large scale its role of returning normality and participatory democracy to a country that suddenly changed course to move away from markets and from a globalized world that lives from exchanging goods and services.

The sales of 2018, revealed the General Manager of Masglo, were close to 70,000 million pesos and the dynamics look so good that the expected growth is 16 percent. Likewise, he said, that the exchange rate helped in some way because Masglo's exports represent 14 percent of sales and that is why there will be greater trade to make exogenous sales grow at a rate of 50 percent. which would be a very interesting growth in the next three years where international sales are expected to represent at least 30 percent of the total sale.

For the manager, innovation is part of Masglo's DNA because only in this way and with that constant exploration, the brand can be permanently connected with fashion because objectively enamels and hand and foot care make reference to fashion, an issue that allows alliances with European international organizations where this year's fashion is seen and that of the next two years, which allows generating innovative products in terms of quality, new application techniques, color and vogue in clothing, footwear and accessories because The enamels that accompany this novelty must have certain tones and textures for the care of the hands and feet where the brand has been characterized by imposing invention, scoop and quality.

Cabrera clarified that fortunately oil prices do not significantly impact the manufacture of enamels, among other things because Masglo gave way to green components where fuels were replaced to those of a natural nature that serve the same purposes, avoiding adverse effects of some enamels that are obtained at very low prices in the market, but with strong incidents in human health.

“We take great care to take care of the health of all our consumers and consumers and in this dynamic we are working on special and very reliable products, which is why we managed to coin the term 3-Free, 4-Free, 7-Free and others which highlights the free enamels of certain compounds, which used on a large scale, could cause disturbances of the endocrine system, damage to the fetus during pregnancy and cancer, ”said Mr. Cabrera Ríos.

He noted that these components that have been present in Masglo enamels had the peculiarity that they did so in minute quantities, that is, well below the limit set by the health authorities for cosmetic products. The company opted over time, and following verticality and good practices, to eliminate these substances that could be harmful if consumed in large quantities.

The company was not in favor of continuing to include them in the formulation and after much dedication, the Research and Development Department managed to find a formula that articulated harmlessness with brightness and long duration, that is to say that the toxic or polluting elements were forcibly left.

Other products that were developed for the care of feet and hands were those of the skin, since in many occasions there were problems with the removal of this when it was removed in the manicure processes. This situation caused the company to market complementary products such as bases, shine, moisturizing oils and other determining mixtures in skin care.

The work of Cerescos and its Masglo brand has not gone unnoticed since the products have had the approvals such as the FDA registration of the United States and the support of the demanding European market which clearly denotes compliance with quality and care standards epidermal.

You can make sure, without fear of sinning, that Masglo is the strongest proof of entrepreneurship and business stubbornness. The ability of the managers, the commitment, the ability of the brand and the organization to adapt and develop new technologies allowed the group to make the leap to success despite its young age, because with 25 years, Masglo has competed for the top in quality and level of demand with brands including centenarians.

“We must highlight that, precisely that commitment, all that standardization of processes and that rapid method of optimization and continuous improvement that has been updated and that even far exceeds many global manufacturers. When one compares global brands such as Masglo in terms of quality and performance, the brand meets and exceeds many of those standards of international companies that have been in the market for many years. All these characteristics have made the product very popular in the United States, that it is one of the favorite brands in Europe and that it is in great demand in Latin America, but that character of the company and global brand is very important there, ”Cabrera specified.

It should be noted that Masglo as a brand managed to insert very quickly in the market, which explains the acceptance and loyalty of an international consumer who sees potential in the Masglo product independent of language since with the language of colors that leads to emotions, There is a passion for Masglo and for products that respond to the different roles of women and society.

Today Masglo produces glazes for all tastes, for all ages and for all occasions, reiterating that the company has all the application techniques, which makes the use of this portfolio an experience in color and texture.

The issue of China is a market that, being far away by the entire competitiveness component, is not disposable and would be viable in the long term, but the firm has its eyes set on the Indian market that is considered interesting where an important segment of the population Value cosmetic products. Apart from everything there is a very important binational relationship that could facilitate the arrival of Masglo to that market.

Another of the markets in focus is Africa and therefore has advanced rapidly with South Africa. The firm works with other European countries and in the Americas where it will be decisive to open markets such as Brazil, which is the fourth largest market in color cosmetics worldwide and the same happens with the United States where Cerescos considers, we must make a process of greater adaptation to the reality of local consumers.

Masglo thrives in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, and that is why the Southern Cone market is so important for the business group. The Andean market is equally important and that is explained by the own subsidiary that exists in Peru, a country that grows in an impressive way, Ecuador doubled sales, Panama continued very dynamic and in synthesis, all the countries where the brand is showed growth. Another market with good forecasts is Mexico.

If the economy takes out the nails, Masglo paints them

An issue that weighs on the behavior of companies and their profit and loss status is geopolitics in view of the fact that many economic and political behaviors punish commercial dynamics. Faced with this event, Masglo and its line of cosmetics have an advantage because, in the midst of contractions, economic cooling, wars and conjunctures, people will always want to look good and show their best angle. This market has been able with all the scenarios and for that reason neither the commercial conflicts as well as other adverse aspects to the demand, affect the cosmetic industry in a great way.

In this case, it can be said that if the economy removes the nails, simply and simply, Masglo paints them because there is in each situation a factor of opportunity and learning that the Colombian firm learned to capitalize on.

“It's incredible, but in times of crisis it is when most women use cosmetic products because the crisis causes depression and that situation leads to a lack of interest in other aspects, a matter that can vary with good makeup and all this is proven with studies made worldwide. It is important to highlight that the cosmetics, the colors, the enamels of the woman and today also of the man, play a very important role in the disbursement and in the investment because we are not talking about an accessory product but necessary since it is part of the family basket, ”said the General Manager of Masglo.

The company continues to work on social responsibility issues where women heads of household benefit from support and training that allows them to enter the business world. The work is done in cities such as Bogotá, Cali and Medellín, but that national presence is also strengthened with other strategic partners to address the social front such as the case of Mujeres-M, a program directed by the actress, Alejandra Borrero, but also with the Osteoporosis Association of Colombia.

The firm will bet heavily on the sponsorship of entrepreneurship and knowledge. The idea within this entire compendium is to open that spectrum of product cognition and help women guarantee their contributions because there are many women who work on their own and do not have a campaign behind them, more reason that enough for Masglo to give special conditions in terms of prices so that this differential serves as a contribution to labor and old-age savings.

A month ago, the Masglo Academy was launched, which had a very good acceptance, because there women or men can learn about entrepreneurship, manicure techniques and financial management. All these trainings are accompanied by a certification that guarantees learning.

In all that learning environment, said Cabrera Ríos, BLEN technology is used where digital is combined with the physical issue which makes the knowledge option that can be affected much more accessible because there are people who are interested in learning, have displacement problems or other circumstances that affect that path of knowledge. In this way, he said, it is more feasible to advance much of the knowledge in what refers to theoretical issues and practice is possible to do it in Masglo centers located in the most important cities. Learning has augmented reality technology within the Masglo application, available in either of the two specialized stores, IOS or Google Play.

This platform is very versatile because in addition to teaching it is useful when making purchases of Masglo product via e-commerse or to have quick access to the new service that drives the brand, “manicurist at home” that helps a lot with the topic of entrepreneurship and that when managed as the UBER platform, it will be of great help to suppliers that are the manicurists and consumers who require the service. As Cabrera pointed out, by combining these options of supply and demand in the service, they can generate entrepreneurship, do business and bring aesthetic solutions.

In a few days the Cerescos group will launch the first concept of the Masglo Biuri Center that are centers of experience. The first will work on 106th Street with race 19. There it will not only be possible to buy product but first class services very much up to Masglo.

Nelson Cabrera feels calm about doing efficient and honest management that brings confidence and joy to consumers and shareholders. Community work, the 550 employees and good business practices that result in growth and progress for all as an organization gives torpor and encouragement to a Manager with an admirable experience. It makes him feel calm to be able to offer products and services with high value components because that says he works in the right direction where values ​​and knowledge are part of the spine.

While nothing scares him, because he works to be calm and very busy, Masglo's General Manager, Nelson Cabrera Ríos, keeps thinking about the inherent junctures because he knows there are ups and downs in the economy where there are cyclical products and against -cyclic as well as cyclic and counter-cyclical countries that invite you to explore variables to get ahead.

"The only thing that scares me is that there comes a time when we stop being connected with consumers, that is to fear because if one loses that connection of the needs and what the consumer seeks to respond to those requirements, that's where the focus is lost. ” He concluded.

In ten years Masglo may be selling seven or eight times more than today and its presence by then is projected in 65 countries. The firm will not be exclusively an enamel supplier but a very powerful cosmetic brand, multilatin and global in nature.

The market seems to improve and therefore analysts say after reviewing the consumption habits that in 2020, the cosmetics sector could sell in the domestic market a figure higher than 4,171 million dollars.

Enamel, that varnish created to paint the fingernails of the hands or feet, was used since ancient times since in ancient Egypt the cosmetic was already used, which is why it was usual to see Cleopatra and nail nails decorated Nefertiti herself. Nail paint was the same in ancient cultures such as Greek and Roman. China was not far behind because he knew this technique to make up nails since 3000 BC, and therefore in the ancient Ming dynasty the work became more intense to perfect the attractive puncture.

This colored nail lacquer invented in 1924 broke the tendency to wear natural nails and thanks to chemical advances its manufacture was made from the beginning with organic compounds, so it was usual to see its nitrocellulose, toluene and formaldehyde content among other aggregates Chemicals Over time, other types of glitter coming from the dance and entertainment industry that inspired the enamel in Paris and that in the hands of Masglo, the art of makeup make-up, became a new history of trends, colors and innovation. that with great pleasure it is necessary to count.

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